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Harry Potter Gif Challenge!

Gif 52 in your file: your reaction to getting your Hogwarts letter

Not sure why this is my reaction…

 47: Your family’s reaction:

25: On the train:

Yeah!!!! Wizard dance party!!!!

3: Reaction when you are put in Ravenclaw

21: Reaction to being put in Hufflepuff

33:Reaction to being put in Slytherin:

BRB, dying. This gif always makes me burst out laughing, I don’t know why.

5: Reaction to being put in Gryffindor:


15: Thoughts on Quidditch

7: Reaction to the Basilisk

29: Reaction to Sirius Black escaping Azkaban:

34: When you find out he’s innocent:

18: When you find out about the Triwizard Tournament:

32: During the First Task:

This concerns me a bit…

1: What you wear to the Yule Ball:

Dying. Again.

9: During the Second Task:

44: During the Third Task:

I guess I’m going for Cedric then.

6:When you see Cedric dead:

10: When you find out Lord Voldemort has returned:

So now Lord Voldemort is gay… Okay then.

38: Your reaction to Umbridge as High Inquisitor:

Pretty accurate actually…

63: What you do at D.A. meetings:

Okay… That’s cool…

14: When Sirius Black dies:

Let’s just interpret that as ‘unhappy’.

23: When you go to Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes:

That’s odd and a little frightening…

17: When Dumbledore dies:

35: Hunting Horcruxes:

48: At the Hogwarts Battle:

Telling off those Death Eaters!!!

12: When you see Harry “dead”:

I laugh when bad stuff happens sometimes…

8: When Voldemort is defeated:

Last gif in file: What you do for the your life:



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